In YWLC, we have the opportunities to benefit from the guidance and advice from our mentors, coaches and seniors in our workplace. Ever wondered if you could be the mentor you wished you had during your tertiary years?

Since 2017, YWLC has spearheaded a junior mentorship programme for female students from less privileged backgrounds to support them in their journey. The 5-month programme has grown over the years with the support of our partner, International Women's Forum Singapore (and more to come).

We will be heading into the 8th iteration of this programme in 2024. Our mentees come from diverse backgrounds, each demonstrating outstanding resilience in their many achievements in spite of personal challenges. As mentors, you will have the opportunity to guide these amazing aspiring women as they navigate their next phase of life and be their sounding board, role model or the big sister you wished you had during those years.

Commitment Period: A 5-month programme running from September 2024 to January 2025, featuring three in-person events held on Saturdays.

Important and Tentative Dates to Take Note:

- End July - Mentor Selection Interview

- 21 September 2024 (Sat) - Opening Ceremony

- 23 November 2024 (Sat) - Workshop / Event 1

- 11 January 2025 (Sat) - Closing Ceremony

Mentorship applications for PIF 2024 are open to YWLC members only. Application ends on 17 July.

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