Every woman needs a tribe.

In 2023, YWLC ran its pilot run of the Peer Mentorship Programme (PMP) for members to find their tribe, through facilitating a safe space for members to foster deep, supportive and meaningful relationships with one another. This tribe isn't just about friendships, but it is also having a diverse group of women with various experiences and perspectives where we can challenge each other, offer advice to one another, support and cheer each other as we journey through our lives.

This year we are back with our second run of PMP, with added workshops and more opportunities to meet and connect with other members in our community! We hope that members will be able to join us on this journey to find their own tribe, and have a sounding board as they navigate through both personal and professional adversities.

(P.S. Participants from the 1st cycle are more than welcome to join again and get the chance to form new bonds!)


Peer mentoring is a 2-way street, where everyone is both a mentor and a mentee. We hope that participants will be able to learn from one another through sharing and providing different perspectives. Across a 8-month period (from Sep 2024 to May 2025), you will be assigned into Learning Pods (LP) of 4 to 5 members each, based on your priorities listed in this application form.

Key dates during the programme to take note of: (Dates below are tentative, subjected to the availability of our speakers and venue partners)

  • Commencement + Workshop 1: 28 Sep 2024, Saturday
  • Workshop 2: 28 Nov 2024, Thursday Evening
  • Workshop 3: 22 Mar 2025, Saturday Morning
  • Closing: 17 May 2025, Saturday Morning

We recommend that your group meets at least once every 2-months (4 LP sessions throughout the programme). We also encourage you to meet more frequently should time permit for your LP. These are proposed meeting dates for your learning pods, but feel free to reschedule according to your group's availability.

  • Session 1: Late October 26 October 2024, 10am
  • Session 2: Mid December: 18 December 2024, 10am
  • Session 3: Early February: 8 February 2025, 10am
  • Session 4: Mid April: 12 April 2024, 10am

*Please take note of the following:

  • PMP is open to all, but is ideal for working professionals
  • All participants must be existing YWLC members. Non-YWLC members may proceed to sign-up for YWLC membership here first: Become a Member | YWLC Singapore. Do note that if your membership were to lapse during the programme, you will be required to renew your membership to continue partaking in the peer mentorship programme activities.
  • There will be a fee of $20 for all selected participants to cover the commencement and closing ceremonies, as well as the workshops. All participants will also be provided with a journal to use throughout the programme. This fee will only be charged after you have been accepted into the programme.
  • All LP sessions will be self-funded at a choice of venue by the group.

If you have any questions, do reach out to us via email at engagement@ywlc.org.sg


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